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New Seasons Grocery Store in Portland, Oregon is a neighborhood grocer with a people-first culture.

New Seasons Market partners with local farmers, ranchers, and producers to promote a healthy and sustainable food system. The grocery store was started in 2000 when friends and family united over shared values to form the business. The idea that food connects us creates community are core beliefs that make the market a place to…
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How to be the change you want to see in the world while still making a profit.

While food giants are developing sustainability programs for corporate social responsibility reports, some food businesses are setting the example by doing vs. reporting. These companies are benefit certified corporations. They are for-profit businesses that provide benefit and true sustainability to the communities they operate in, the environment, their employees, and customers. It goes beyond securing…
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Rule of the Golden Tongue: Why You Shouldn’t Use Just One Product Taster

Have you heard the Food Industry story about the man with the golden tongue? His taste buds were so valuable the company he worked for insured his tongue for a cool million. The policy covered a man by the name of John Harrison. Even if you don’t know his name, you can tip your hat…
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freelance food science writer explains vegan ice cream

Defining Creamy in Plant Based Products

When a sensory panelist describes a vegan product as creamy what exactly are they describing? When your technologists are given the task to make the product creamier what is the goal? Is creamy a texture or a flavor when describing vegan foods? In my work as a Sensory Analyst for a company that produced non-dairy…
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Looking for B-Corp Bakeries or Food Companies!

Are you a food manufacturer who gives back? I would love to hear and share your story. I’m writing a series on B corp certification and the businesses who want to share their stories.