Client Success Story: How FoodLogiQ builds a strong relationship with their target demographic.


When I first learned about FoodLogiQ, a software company focused on full transparency within the food supply chain, they were already a well-known technology solution provider in the food industry. However, as a lean organization with a small marketing team, they were in need of some help with more content creation.  

Mapping the World’s Food Chain

FoodLogiQ’s software platform provides technology solutions that add value across the entire food supply chain. By focusing on supplier management, food safety and quality compliance, as well as whole chain traceability, the company has moved from ‘start-up’ status to a full-fledged enterprise software company in a short period of time. They’ve gained excellent traction within the food industry, with big-name customers like Whole Foods Market, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, and Panera Bread, just to name a few.

The Challenge

The FoodLogiQ marketing team was eager to maintain the company’s leading position among technology solution providers within the food space, and a continual rollout of authoritative content was vital to accomplishing that goal. But because of bandwidth and resourcing, they were struggling to keep up.  Their blog had become a bit neglected and out-of-date in an industry undergoing rapid changes.

“We are a small team and needed help with producing high-quality blog posts; we were struggling with keeping the content going with all the other projects and campaigns we have going on.”

The constant need for engaging content was simply becoming too much for them to handle without an additional expert resource.  They decided the best solution was to find a subject matter expert who knew how to connect and build a strong relationship with their target demographic.

The Journey

The team at FoodLogiQ brought me on board as a food industry expert freelance copywriter. They wanted to work with someone who had extensive experience in the food industry and could write content that would address the challenges food professionals face — someone who understands the issues and importance of a transparent food supply chain.

I had a productive consultation with FoodLogiQ, and when we realized we were a great fit, we got to work straight away on a winning strategy.

My Approach and Solution

My approach focused on three key areas which I identified as being crucial:

  • Unique positioning to set FoodLogiQ apart from all the rest. We needed a content strategy that showed the reader why they should choose FoodLogiQ.
  • Customer-focused writing that speaks directly to prospects. This is accomplished by creating content that is:

◦ Food industry specific

       ◦ Backed with research that complies with industry regulations

       ◦ Easily digestible and scannable information

  • Calls-to-action that guide visitors to take the next steps.

“Katie has written many food safety, traceability, and sustainability blog posts that fill our need for high-quality content. These posts fuel our organic traffic and keep the FoodLogiQ brand top-of-mind. Katie is a great writer and also knows the food industry really well, so she is able to offer feedback and ideas.”

The Results

Since we started working together, the marketing team at FoodLogiQ has been able to focus on larger projects, knowing the content creation for their blog is in capable hands.  Each post has a specific target audience that speaks directly to their pain points and offers a clear call to action. FoodLogiQ now has a consistent content strategy that positions the company as the authority in their field.


I was able to combine my expert knowledge of the food industry with my copywriting skills to develop a resultant and cost-effective strategy for FoodLogiQ.

“Working with Katie has been super easy, and we’ve been able to develop a great cadence. She really knows the industry and has even introduced us to other thought leaders within the food industry that we have been able to collaborate with.

Her work has had a big impact on our content strategy and development and enables our team to focus on all the big projects we have.”


  • Rapid growth can lead to unforeseen challenges.
  • Implementing simple but effective strategies can successfully and sustainably grow your authority and help you reach your target audience.
  • Ensure you have the right expertise on board at the beginning of your journey.

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