Ep. 002 Saving honey bees and building community with Shandy Carroll from GloryBee

Ep. 002 Saving honey bees and building community with Shandy Carroll from GloryBee

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Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating more than 1/3 of our food? They are key indicators of the health of our food system and communities.


We can help bee populations by providing habitat, decreasing the use of pesticides, and purchasing products from ethical food companies who practice social responsibility. GloryBee Foods, located in Eugene, Oregon is one of those companies. They hold themselves accountable for creating a positive impact in all aspects of the business. GloryBee is a certified B Corp for-profit business. I met Shandy Carroll on Linkedin when I read her article about the process of B Corp certification. As the sustainability manager of GloryBee Foods, she had a lot of insight into the process. The article was so clearly written that I knew I needed to learn more from her!


The great thing about a family-owned company is how organic the purpose is. It’s such a genuine culture.  One of the strengths of becoming a B Corp has been how we’re able to take that really genuine culture and solidify it with written policies and programs.

That’s the fun part of my role because I work directly with the owners of the company. I get to take their passion, heart, and drive for sustainability and make it happen.


In this episode, Shandy offers a behind the scenes look at the less glamorous side of the work it takes to be a sustainable company. Her team has implemented some great initiatives for employees, the community, and the bees.

EDIT: Bee weekend is actually the 20th and 21st: https://glorybee.com/content/bee-weekend-2018

Ways you can get involved:

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